Young Members Group

The Young Members Group (YMG) is made up of Young Members who are defined as members of the Company who are in the 21 to 40 age bracket. They benefit from substantially reduced fines, fees and quarterage as can be seen in the  Membership FAQs.

Structure & Strategy

In the June 2015 the YMG underwent a structure change. This was deemed necessary because Neill Catton who was then the Chairman had several other commitments within the wider company. It was also decided to increase the size of the YMG Committee to give more ownership and input to its members and to create vice positions to encourage natural change.

The YMG management structure is as follows:

Stewart Griffiths – Chairman
​Aimee Regan – Vice Chairman
Jade Davies – Secretary & KCL Liaison
Aaron Goddard – New Member Liaison
Adam Richards – Events Administration
Barney Barnett – Social Media

The main focus of the new Committee is to build a healthy, socially active group with strong regular attendance: a group where new members, apprentices and young members can attend to network. By network, we mean network for knowledge. We want young members, both male and female, to feel they have a place where questions can be asked and information shared in a relaxed non-formal environment. An environment where we connect members in the security profession and activity with the wider company is encouraged and seen as an experience to be enjoyed.

In regard to future YMG activities, experience has shown that events are successful if they are both low-cost and focus on the twenty to thirty age group. It has also been proved that a less formal surrounding helps apprentices and new members to relax and integrate with their peers. The YMG Committee feels that this promotes the true values and purpose of the YMG stated above.

Additionally, it is highly desirable that the YMG is encouraged to engage in activities that promote the Company’s values, particularly in respect of charity and education for young people less fortunate than themselves.

Similarly, a bond should be developed with apprentices to encourage their continued and active involvement with the YMG and wider company once they have completed their apprenticeships.

The Company’s membership is one of the most diverse of the security world. Since its establishment individuals within the YMG have benefited from personal mentoring and guidance from experienced figures within the company. This practice should continue.

The YMG is represented at Court by a nominated Court Assistant.

Future Actions

The YMG will:

  • Build a solid and documented infrastructure for incoming members of the committee.
  • Raise the profile of the YMG.
  • Meet and welcome new young members when they join the Company following notification by the Membership Committee that their application has been approved.
  • Organise an event to which apprentices are invited aimed at giving them the opportunity to meet middle and senior security professionals on a one to one basis. This will be particularly attractive to those seeking a career in security.
  • Organise regular self-funding events and one interest lecture per year.
  • As a body regularly submit material for publication in WCOSP e-News.
  • Continue to undertake the management of The Whittington Course.
  • Actively encourage Security Professionals in the twenty to thirty age bracket to become members of the Company.
  • Review the YMG’s current management structure so that by June 2017 those in post will be less than 41 years of age. On-going reviews will then occur at least biennially.
  • Ensure permanent and regular attendance at the Finance &General Purposes Committee by either the Chairman or the Vice Chairman.

If you would like to find out more or would like to meet members of the committee please contact Stewart Griffiths at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

News and Updates

An update to members of the YMG from its Chairman, Stewart Griffiths, can be found by clicking this link  YMG Update 18 October 2016 .