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The 2016 Award Winner

Alderman and Sheriff William Russell, the Master, Ian Mayes, Doctor Matthew Smith and Alderman and Sheriff Peter Estlin

The 2016 Sheriffs' Award winner is Doctor Matthew Smith. Last December, Doctor Smith happened upon a traumatic scene where a mentally ill man inspired by the killing of Fusilier Lee Rigby, had slashed the neck of American musician Lyle Zimmerman. Along with a small group of other passersby, Doctor Smith showed conspicuous bravery. The City of London Sheriffs decided that his bravery in the decisions and actions he took resulting in the survival of the victim, was worthy of their award. The Award was presented to Doctor Smith by Alderman and Sheriff Peter Estlin and Alderman and Sheriff William Russell at the Company's Common Hall which was held in Salters' Hall on 3 November 2016.

For more details of the incident and the Doctor Smith's brave conduct, please click on the link to the Press Release below.

2016 Sheriffs'Award Winner Press Release










The City of London Sheriffs’ Award for Bravery is awarded annually to recognise people who without thought for their own safety have acted to confront danger to another person or property and to celebrate such selflessness as an inspiration to other citizens.

The Award is a highly prestigious one with the winner receiving a trophy, a framed certificate and, from 2014, a cheque for £2,500. By order of the Sheriffs their names are permanently inscribed on an Honours Board and in a Book of Honour which are on permanent display at the Central Criminal Court - 'The Old Bailey'.

The search for nominations begins in February each year at the Old Bailey during a ceremony presided over by the Sheriffs. Later in the year the Sheriffs select the Award winner and a deserving list of runners-up.

Nominations are sought from across the United Kingdom and are open to members of the public as well as members of the Emergency Services and the Armed Forces and people employed in the Security Industry.

2017 Award Nomination Form

Please click on the photograph of the Sheriffs' Award Book at the top left of this page to access the nomination form for completion online.If you would prefer to complete a nomination form offline please click this link   2017 Sheriffs’ Award Nomination Form in Word and save the form