The Court


Master:  Air Commodore Stephen Anderton
Immediate Past Master:  Mr Ian Mayes QC
Senior Warden:  Mr Phillip Hagon QPM
Middle Warden:  Mr Michael Barley
Junior Warden:  Mrs Susan Seaby
Treasurer:  Mr Ian Miller

Founder Master

Sir Neil Macfarlane

Serving Past Masters

Brian Hughes
Barrie Stewart MSc FSyI
Stuart Seymour

Honorary Court Assistants

John Cully
Andrew Knights
Henry McKay
Richard Monk CMG OBE QPM
Roy Penrose OBE QPM
John Troon
Trevor Vaughan MBE OStJ

Court Assistants

Jeremy Batchelor
Crawford Chalmers
Ivor Cook
Nigel Churton MBE (Past Master)
Steve Emmins
Peter French MBE (Past Master)
Wes Harper
Simon Imbert (Past Master)
John Laws
David Lee
Mick Messenger
Stephen Parsons MBE DL (Past Master)
Paul Ramsay
Don Randall MBE (Past Master)
Susan Seaby
Richard Sweetman
Michael Trott
Michael White

In Attendance

The Clerk: Tricia Boswell
Beadle: Andy Bignold
Honorary Chaplain: Revd Canon Roger Hall MBE QHC CF