Tilly Sherwood Freedom of the City - 23 January 2018

Murray Craig, the Chamberlain's Clerk, Freeman Tilly Sherwood and her Apprentice Master, Air Cdre Stephen Anderton, at Guildhall on 23 Jan 18

Tilly Sherwood was put forward by the London and South-East Region Air Training Corps as their Award nominee for an Apprentice place and was Inrolled into the Company in November 2013.  She obtained a 1st Class Honours Degree in International Relations with Politics in June 2017 and is currently studying for her Masters’ Degree at Dundee University. She hopes to begin a PhD at the School of Oriental and Asian Studies (SOAS) in London in September.  As an active Apprentice and qualified Expedition Leader she put a proposal to our Charitable Trust that they sponsor some challenging overseas ATC expeditions.  One such sponsored expedition – to the Yukon in 2016 – went on to win the Shackleton Trophy and the Prince of Wales Annual Best Expedition Award. As a fully engaged Young Member of the Company she intends follow-up this type of initiative. Indeed, she is mentoring our Apprentice team in the 2018 3MI Bn Intelligence Challenge in March, having been a member of last year’s very successful entry.