Appeal from the Chairman of Trustees

The Trust has received an appeal for practical assistance from Friendship Works, a charity that we have been supporting for some years now. Some of you may recall that it was mention on page 5 of the 2014 Trust Newsletter. I am passing this on this appeal to the Company as a whole in the hope that one or more of our Members can provide some much-needed support.  Please click here to find out more about this appeal  Appeal from the Chairman of Trustees .

The Annual Dinner - 9 October 2017

The Master, Wardens, Liverymen, Freemen, Members, Apprentices and guests gathered for the Company’s 2017 Annual Dinner, held this year in Merchants Taylors’ Hall. This is a superb venue, not the first time we have visited, and still it impresses its visitors.  Another Livery Hall that has an unassuming entrance and just expands into an amazing venue. Click here to read the full report  The Annual Dinner - 9 October 2017 .

Message from the Incoming Chair of Trustees

This is a note from Court Assistant Jeremy Batchelor, the new Chairman of the Trustees, to members of the Company, introducing himself and setting out a few aims and objectives for the Trust over the coming year or so Message from the Incoming Chair of Trustees October 2017.

HMS Severn Decommissions

Fourteen years of distinguished service by HMS Severn, the Company’s Royal Navy Military Affiliate, was honoured at a ceremony in HM Naval Base Portsmouth on Friday 27 October 2017. The ship’s company and guests, including the Master and members of the Company, gathered at South Railway Jetty for a final inspection and service of thanksgiving for her crew and the safe completion of her commission.

HMS Severn has now reached the end of her planned service life, and the majority of her 45 personnel will remain within the Fishery Protection Squadron. She was the first of the Royal Navy’s Offshore Patrol Vessels ever to undertake North Atlantic patrol duties in the Caribbean, a task usually undertaken by a destroyer or RFA vessel, taking her away from her usual work as part of the Fishery Protection Squadron.

In September 2006 the Court approved the affiliation with HMS Severn. Members of the Company have been entertained at various social events on board and have taken part in sea patrols to witness first-hand the operational tasks that HMS Severn and her crew perform. The Company is proud to have been affiliated with HMS Severn and sends its thanks and best wishes to those who have crewed her.

Please click this link to read the full report HMS Severn Decommissions .

A Taste of Journalism by Apprentice Kiyomi Ran

This was a pretty hot summer in Japan. I mean it both literally (it was sweltering hot like always) and politically. While I was back in my hometown of Tokyo this summer, there was nonstop news coverage on various political issues concerning Japan. From the resignation of the Minster of Defense due to an alleged cover-up of a peacekeeping operation in South Sudan to North Korea’s missile launches over Japan to an important election to decide the next leader of Japan’s largest opposition party, the headlines seemed to change drastically day-by-day with equally important stories. This made my summer-work all the more interesting, since I got to work as a correspondent for PanOrient News under Bureau Chief Khaldon Azhari, who is also the President of the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan (FCCJ). To read the full article please click this link  A Taste of Journalism by Kiyomi Ran .