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Company Merchandise

The range of Company merchandise is shown in below. Prices are listed here  WCOSP Merchandise Price List November 2017 .

Please click  Merchandise order form November 2017  to download the order form and obtain items from the Clerk.

Tie Cuff Links Royal Charter Pin Royal Charter Pendant Lapel/Tie Pin



Pashmina Cummerbund Shield Engraved Glass Tankard Silver Cuff Links

WCOSP Silver Cufflinks

Hallmarked silver cuff links with gold plated Company Coat of Arms are now available at only £110 including VAT.  For more details see  Company Cuff Links

Company Christmas Cards

Company Christmas cards are in stock and ready for sale.  They are available from the Clerk, see the Order Form link above, and will be on sale at major events. They can also be ordered by emailing the Assistant to the Clerk at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The cards come in packs of 5 and cost £10 (including VAT) plus postage unless collected at a Company event.  Each of these packs contains one card showing one of the following scenes all in winter snow covered beauty:

  • The Royal Exchange.
  • HM Tower of London from the River.
  • Smithfield Market.
  • St Paul's Cathedral from the River.
  • Tower Bridge.

For more details click  Company Christmas Cards .